Our Services

We pride ourselves with the ability to realize and produce in-house, with a number of services, which are valuable to our partners.

Services - Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Kaiyan Medical is proud to provide complete industrial design services, which we believe is key to our conceptual design stage, but also into understanding how a product will engage and inspire end-users alike.
Our in-house designs captivate various techniques to generate highly valuable concepts, which are not only beautiful but meaningful in both manufacturing and product planning.

Services - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Kaiyan Medical has a complete mechanical engineering department, which combines hands on experience with CAD expertise to provide that perfect transition from a concept design to reality.
Our mechanical engineers allow us to effectively plan not only a products moulding process, but also allow us to estimate a products pricing and plan on what materials and mechanical systems should be in place for the final production.

Services - Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Kaiyan Medical has a dedicated electrical engineering team, consisting of very experienced and knowledgeable engineers who helped our clients with custom solutions to meet even the wildest requirements.
We have vast experience in lasers, LEDs, drawing of electronic layouts and sourcing and implementing components from worldwide suppliers – so we can deliver reliable designed products at the highest of quality.

Services - Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is essential at Kaiyan Medical for both keeping projects and timelines met, but also with visualizing ideas for clients to see, feel and ultimately test with their users.
Kaiyan Medical does its prototyping in-house and can handle simple prototypes from complex multi-piece and working models.

Services - Mass Production

Mass Production

Mass production is setup to provide a gentle yet effective transition from a designed, prototyped unit to a mass-market ready product.
Kaiyan Medical plans and prioritizes production with pre-pilot quantities within the facility. This allows us to identify what is needed for fine tuning production times while highlighting product quality and performance assurances from start to finish of assembly.