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Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio

Besides OEM project, Kaiyan has a long history of developing successful brands and products of her own. We’ve delivered solutions across the consumer- and medical market. We are very proud of our portfolio, which is shown down below:

Aduro Skincare Logo

A reinvention: the traditional concept of skin care (such as a facial led-mask) modernized with up-to-date light therapy and manufacturing technologies.

Perfect Contour Logo

In an ever-growing semi-permanent make-up market, Perfect Contour holds its position as leading brand, innovator and trendsetter of permanent make-up products.

Golden Eagles Logo

Originating from our manufacturing roots, we boost a portfolio of professional and at-home teeth whitening products.

Akstra Logo

We have a range of products designed for hair regrowth, ranging from home use models to professional use models.

Kaiyan Logo

A perfecter of light; shadowless LED operation lights, utilizing a dedicated project team and number of patents.

Lumi Ceuticals Logo

Disruption in healthcare: We are keen to explore something disruptive, especially with something with so many benefits.