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Perfect Contour

Perfect Contour

Perfect Contour is our line for permanent make-up machines. For our permanent makeup machines, we set out to make an impact, especially when it came to designing. All permanent makeup machines were designed to be marketed as clinical devices, though permanent make-up is something we saw as an art-form rather than a medical procedure.

We decided to create something with a modern touch, such as using touch capacitive controls which offer great ease of cleaning. While using a customizable polycarbonate shell which can be printed, painted and customized for any wild designs, so we can keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Precision components were key to creating a great user experience with these machines, with digital microprocessors controlling torque and speeds, while proven brushless motors in the pen offer great performance.

Tattooing Ink & Needles

Our ink collection contains 22 nice colors for make-up tattooing! From raspberry and night blue to cognac and skin color. Perfect Contour safety needle cartridge system offers customers complete safety and sterility

For more information about Perfect Contour and its products, please visit www.perfect-contour.com  or get in touch!