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Medical Devices

We had a project for LED delivered operation lights, designed for hospitals and clinics. Traditionally operation lights use a halogen light source, so this was an exciting project.

We had to improve on some design aspects such as switching to LED to avoid breakdowns, which were brought about by Halogen. Maintenance needed to be easy and quick and lenses needed to be easily cleaned for hygiene.

In the end, we had developed and patented some unique traits in our operation lights such as removable pods, for easy maintenance which can even be switched out during use. Removable and replaceable lenses and full spectrum light delivery in a compact and space saving operation light.

From the development and IP of our operation lights, the next logical step would design a compact version of our main operation light for examination purposes. We took the patented removable LED pods and lenses IP, implemented them onto a flexible goose-neck arm for maneuverability while using the same full spectrum light source capabilities.

We also looked at problem-solving with our examination light, such as it being mounted on a wheelbase, table mounted and wall mounted.

These examination lights have been supplied worldwide and have been used in military operations, with further developments, such as being water resistant and battery-powered for mobile use.

Kaiayn Medical operational light