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Kaiyan Management Team

Kaiyan Management Team

We’re a sincere company with a straightforward vision. We believe that there is an amazing amount to be learned by working in a manufacturing environment. With this in mind, we quickly expand to more and more employees. Our management team consists of:

Letje Xu - Chairwomen

Letje Xu


I have been with Kaiyan from the start. I’ve experienced lots of setbacks before, but then seen this company grown from a single trading company to a large scale integrated company with a superior strength. I carry my heart while leading this company and I smile everyday knowing going to the office.

Alain Dijkstra - CEO

Alain Dijkstra


Originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands. My family was in the manufacturing business from when I was a child. I came to China when I was 15 years old, created and developed Kaiyan Medical, and now I have an extensive knowledge in Engineering and Manufacturing.

Philip Zhai


As COO, I’m responsible for our daily operation and management. Every day I’m busy which, at the end of that day, makes me able to reflect my own value. But most importantly we work all together for a higher goal.

Philip Zhai - Coo

James Knight

Director of Sales

I’m the VP of Business Development and responsible for OEM developments. I have an university degree in business management an been with Kaiyan Medical for over 6 years.

James Knight - Director of Sales
Jason Cheng - Head of Engineering

Jason Cheng

Head of Engineering

At Kaiyan I’m the R&D Director. I’m responsible of all the company’s products and I lead the development team. I like the variation at work and the fact that our products are used all over the world.

Renee - Manager Business Development


Business Developer

Text is coming*

Zhang Dan


I like the cultural atmosphere here. I’m able to work with a young and team, which is  a kind of exercise. We have very diverse and innovative ideas which I really appreciate.

Zhang Dan – PMC

Guo Xin

Head of Purchasing

What I like in our company is that we are constantly improving by introducing new ideas, new technologies and new products; we are very innovative.

Guo Xin - Head of Purchasing
Lisa Hong - Human Recources

Lisa Hong

Human Recources

I take charge of Human Recourses. My biggest achievement at Kaiyan is: all the company’s employees (except Alain and Letje) are recuited by me. Everyone works together cheerful and I really like the big family feeling that we have.

Damon Fan

Head of Design

All the company’s expressions come from our strong design team. I like the free working atmosphere here. Also the combination of Chinese and Western cultural works well for us and let us work relaxed and happy.

Damon - Head of Design

Li Gang


In the company I’m responsible for logistics and distribution. All the goods are sent by me from the office. I’m very honoured to serve our customers.

Ligang - Shipping
Wu Yong Hua - Head of Presicion Engineering

Wu Yong Hua

Head of Presicion Engineering

The company really has its own personality and a lot of prospects in the future. At the company I feel I can achieve a feeling of self-satisfaction.

Chen Junka - Storage

Chen Junkai


The materials we buy and handling customers transfers will be issued by me. At the office there is a young atmosphere, we grow and develop rapidly.


Production Manager


Production Manager



I am here mainly for the overall accounting affairs. Kaiyan has good corporate culture. Coming to this company was like coming to a family, a home. Also, there is a lot of free space for professional development, which makes working very comfortable as well.

Head of Accounting