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Lumi Ceuticals

Lumi Ceuticals

LED technology for the treatment of pain relief, while making a product which was easy to use and practical for treating areas affected by pain.

We started by implementing the technology into a pad, that could be easily secured by Velcro traps throughout a treatment. We decided to use Neoprene most commonly used in wetsuits while adding a textile back part for the Velcro straps to attach to.

We have since made different variations of our pads for clients, such as making them encased in silicone, powered by internal and external batteries, USB powered which can be powered by car chargers or laptops and more.

When creating our LED pads we thought of a practical way of delivering multiple LED pads in a clinic or professional environment.

We developed these port controllers with a range from one LED pad to a maximum of 6 LED pads, which allows the pads to be programmed with custom frequencies, time and can be synced by PC for updated programs.

We decided to make our first line of controllers out of injected aluminium for its quality feel and looks, with touch capacitive buttons and an LED light up information display.

LED Therapy