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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Kaiyan takes high value in the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing by investing in Responsible Manufacturing. We have long been conscious of the environmental en social consequences of manufacturing activities.

Kaiyan Green

We take a responsible and ethical approach to manufacturing. As a big manufacturer, we fully embrace our global responsibility and we are continually focused on the reduction of all forms of waste and pollution. Our company mandates that all product decisions be made not only on the basis of price and quality but also with regard to whether products can be produced in a manner which has minimal impact on the environment. We are committed to assuring that the partners with whom we do business share these values.

There are several actions we hold into account when it comes to Responsible Manufacturing:

  • In our facility, we use energy-efficient lighting in the drive to combat climate change and save energy.
  • Wherever practical, raw materials are sourced locally, from ethically and environmentally approved suppliers.
  • Our facility has a Titanium Dioxide rooftop which can help break down nitrogen oxides and remove it from the air.
  • All machining bits will be re-used. Also, all of our metal waste from the machining will be recycled.
  • Packing material is being recycled for the sake of waste reduction. This reduction has meaningful cost savings and lessens our environmental impact.
  • We continue to evaluate opportunities to reduce our impact through packaging by reducing or eliminating unnecessary packaging, using post-consumer recycled materials in primary and secondary packaging and using refills and bio-based packaging resins. Additional initiatives to reduce the impact of packaging include carton elimination, carton production, refillable packaging, light-weighting, and scalability.

Kaiyan Social

Our management makes extraordinary efforts to hire, foster and empower a diverse workforce.

  • We offer education for those who want to apply for a new job-related study or course. Also, if there is a need for a book, we cover book fees for our employees. In this way, we will get a better-skilled workforce and a pool of employees that are able to enhance their skills can grow within the company.
  • Our employees have a generous paid maternity leave of 128 days.
  • Employee recognition and rewards are essential to creating a work environment where employees feel the organization values their contributions. That’s why we work with an accumulated points reward system.