Akstra consists of a range of products for hair lasers designed for hair regrowth and hair rejuvenation, ranging from home use models to professional use models.

Akstra’s first line of hair lasers was designed for a clinical environment, so we took the approach of making something very medical looking.

We decided to use aluminum parts which would be CNC cut, for a quality and expensive feel while making a controller with safety features, such as an emergency shut-off and manual controls.

From a clinical hair laser, we moved onto something designed for the mass market. We produced a model made from injected polycarbonate for affordability, with a sleek design and painted black for a modern feel.

Home models range from combs to caps to helmet devices. These we have designed for our clients and can be found in clinicians offices, TV shopping, and mass retail outlets.

Akstra provides everything needed to salons to start implementing Akstra treatments. These include guides, marketing advice, machines, and everything else that is needed to start delivering Akstra services to clients.  Never before has such a game-changer come along that has been so easy to implement.

For more information about hair restoration or about the Akstra products, please visit www.asktra.com