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Aduro Skincare

Aduro Skincare

Aduro Skincare is established in 2006 and is specialized in the production of LED beauty related products with a medical license.

Through years of experience, Aduro can be considered one of the biggest producers of LED beauty equipment with clients all over the world. All products are proven clinically and offer many therapeutic skincare treatments that are safe, non-invasive and chemical-free.

LED Facial Masks

For this product, we had an idea of reinventing the traditional facial masks, while incorporating the technology of LED hand-held devices. LED hand-held devices also brought up some challenges for users, such as being labor intensive – which was eliminated with the mask. We faced some challenges while producing the LED facial mask, such as was making it fit all sized faces and making it flexible while not breaking the electronics.

We managed to develop a flexible PCB board to support the flexible of the unit, with some unique traits while being encased in silicone that offers great comfort and ease of cleaning. The traditional masks divided into 3 special designs; anti-aging, anti-acne, and the all included 7-in-one mask.

Eye Masks

After developing the Aduro facial mask we thought of another skincare product; a LED eye mask for the treatment of anti-aging.

Being smaller than our facial mask, it offered a more competitive price point and also a unique application which no one had seen before.

We designed a LED delivered eye mask for wrinkles, which could be easily worn, made from silicone for comfort and hygiene while being battery operated for the easiest user experience.

Other uses of our eye mask may develop into the treatment of the seasonal affected disorder and sleep disorders in the near future.

Aduro Touch

With this product, all advantages of our skincare products are combined in a handheld device. The Aduro Touch is a small at-home device, which is specially designed for skin boosting and improving the appearance of wrinkles with three technique solutions, whereas the device comes with three different heads for usage.

Facial Tronic

This device introduces new professional light therapy by providing a new way of performing facial treatments, with the combination of cosmetics and light therapy.

Aduro Facial Tronic is designed for skin specialists and therapists, allowing users to offer an extensive range of rejuvenating facial treatments.

Users can choose selectable areas with selectable benefits, for an ultimate and personalized treatment.

For more information about the Aduro Skincare products, please visit our websites www.led-mask.com or www.aduroskincare.com