About Kaiyan

About us

Kaiyan Medical is one of the largest producers and manufacturing companies of LLLT and LED therapy products and devices in the world. To this day, we are continuing to grow, innovate and produce uncompromising quality products. This, while keeping our humble beginnings and family business mindset close very to heart.

Shenzhen Manufacturing

Why Manufacturing In Shenzhen?

Our facility is located in the heat of Shenzhen, China. Recently a bunch of glowing articles about Shenzhen appeared in the Western press. They tend to focus on the long list of tech companies headquartered in Shenzhen. The city is considered to be the electronics capital of the world much like the Silicon Valley for hardware. It is a purpose-built city that caters to electronics and it is where we have made our home for over 10 years.


We are committed to quality and we are continuously improving our manufactured products and facility. Kaiyan enforces quality control to ensure the best possible service or product is delivered to the client or consumer. We take out European philosophy very seriously at Kaiyan, both in working style and development such as investing heavily in R&D and in the expansion of our facility.

Our factory is FDA registered and complies with ISO medical standards, which is essential in the manufacturing of FDA 510(K) medical devices to which we manufacture for our clients worldwide.

Kaiyan Manufacturing
Kaiyan manufacturing


We are a prolific investor in intellectual property and we boast over 50 patents. Patents play an increasingly important role in innovation, which consists of invention, design and utility patents. These can be offered to our clients to maintain market competitiveness.