Choosing for the environment: a Titanium Dioxide rooftop.

The topic of air pollution has become a central discussion point in today’s world. In the wake of present environmental issues, Kaiyan continues to look for effective ways to ameliorate the pollution harming the atmosphere. And while the task of alleviating air toxins is ordinarily allotted to plants and trees, new studies have shown that titanium dioxide roof tiles can help break down nitrogen oxides and remove it from the air. That’s why we recently covered our rooftop with a titanium dioxide paint.

Titanium dioxide is a highly versatile compound, used in plastics, sunscreen, and food. Titanium Dioxide’s intense whiteness makes it particularly popular in paints. When Titanium dioxide is exposed to ultraviolet light, it can accelerate many chemical reactions. This includes the oxidation of smog producing nitrogen oxides and organic compounds.

Recent studies have estimated that an area containing one million roofs painted with titanium dioxide could remove approximately 21 tons of nitrogen oxide per day. Each roof tile was shown to remove at least 88% of the ambient nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere, and a single roof could remove the equivalent pollution of a car driving 11,000 miles per year.

We encourage the idea of all companies adopting a Titanium Dioxide rooftop, so more pollution can be battled.